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A small coastal village with a population of approximately 500 local residents. This seaside town has many things to offer for the outdoor enthusiast, as well as those that love to relax, dine & wine. Come and explore our gorgeous region you will not be disappointed, from the ever-changing coastline, inland bush and Otway Forrest we have you covered in all areas nature! 


The Twelve Apostles are only a 10 minute drive away, situated in the Port Campbell National Park, the massive limestone structures that tower 45 metres above the tempestuous Southern Ocean, leave its visitors awe-struck in wonder at their size and beauty. Behind the eight remaining stacks (five have fallen since their discovery) are majestic cliffs, around 70 metres high. 


The Port Campbell National Park ranges from Princetown to Peterborough. Photographs of these historic sites have long represented the Great Ocean Road. These include the Loch Ard GorgeLondon BridgeThe Arch and the Grotto, to name a few.  Take your time exploring these coastal lookouts and trails and learning their amazing historical stories.

For daily inspiration of Port Campbell and our surroundings follow @portcampbellmusings on Instagram, a local resident Sally updates daily of the simple & beautiful life Port Campbell has to offer. 

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